Pioneer Valley Transit Authority
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Routes with Service Adjustments: 33, 34, G5, B17, R24, X90

Dial A Ride Notice: Between April 1, 2022 – January 31, 2023, PVTA will be expanding Dial A Ride service as part of a pilot program. New Dial A Ride hours are Monday through Saturday from 8am until 7pm. Trips must conclude at 7pm. There will be no trips booked to begin after 6:30pm. For the duration of the pilot, Saturday Dial A Ride service will be provided only in communities that also have active paratransit service on Saturdays.

Christmas & New Years Holiday InformationHolly and Ivy

PVTA is closed on Christmas, Sunday, December 25, 2022.

Springfield & Northampton operates Sunday Service on New Years' Eve, Sunday, January 1, 2023.

Springfield & Northampton Service ends early Christmas Eve, Saturday, December 24 & New Year’s Eve, Saturday, December 31.

Northampton area service operates No-School service on Monday, Decmber 26.

Springfield area service
Route Last Bus From Departs At
G1 CanonCircle 6:00
G1 Union Station to Canon Circle 5:30
G1 Chicopee BigY 6:00
G1 Union Station to Chicopee BigY 5:25
G2 Memorial Industrial Park 6:00
G2 East Longmeadow BigY 5:30
G2 Union Station to Memorial Industrial Park 5:30
G2 Union Station to East Longmeadow BigY 5:00
G2 Union Station to Redstone 5:30
G2 Redstone 6:00
G3 Springfield Plaza 5:45
G3 Norfolk/Westford 5:55
G3 Union Station to Springfield Plaza 5:55
G3 Union Station to Norfolk/Westford 6:05
B4 Union Station 5:45
B4 Wason Medical Offices 5:30
G5 Union Station 5:00
G5 Jewish Home 5:30
B6 Union Station to Ludlow BigY 6:00
B6 Ludlow BigY 5:50
B7 Union Station 6:00
B7 Eastfield Mall 6:00
R10 Westfield State University 6:00
R10 Union Station 6:00
B12 Union Station 6:05
B12 Stonybrook 6:30
R14 Union Station 5:10
R14 Pheasant Hill 5:50
B17 Union Station 5:30
B17 Eastfield Mall 5:30
P20 Union Station 6:00
P20 Holyoke Transportation Center 6:00
P21 Union Station 6:00
P21 Holyoke Transportation Center 5:45
P21E Holyoke Transportation Center 5:35
P21E Union Station 6:05
R29 UMass–Haigis Mall 7:00
R29 Holyoke Mall 5:30
G73E Union Station 6:00
G73E Academy of Music 6:15
X90B Holyoke Transportation Center t oChicopee BigY 5:50
X90B Chicopee BigY to Holyoke Transportation Center 6:00
X90A Chicopee BigY to Holyoke Transportation Center 5:10
X90A Holyoke Transportation Center to Chicopee BigY 5:20
X90A East Longmeadow BigY to Chicopee BigY 5:15
X90A Chicopee BigY to EastLongmeadow BigY 6:05
X92 Union Station 5:05
Northampton area service
Route Last Bus From Departs 12/24 At Departs 12/31 At
B43 Smith College 7:00 PM 7:00 PM
B43 Amherst College 7:50 PM 7:45 PM
B48 Academy of Music 6:00 PM 6:00 PM
B48 Holyoke Trans. Ctr. 6:30 PM 6:30 PM
B79 Service Updates
The B79 is operating its regular schedule and utilizes a van each day while it is in service until further notice.
The B79 will operate only the morning and midday runs on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve. The B79 will not operate on Christmas Day or New Year’s Day.
Please note that B79 evening trips on Friday and Sunday are often overcrowded.  Riders are advised to travel earlier in the day if possible.
Please note that the B79 stop for Union Station in Worcester is located at the corner of Franklin and Harding Streets, behind the Union Station Garage.
UMass Transit Service Changes
Routes Due to a driver shortage, there is reduced service for rest of the semester as follows: Links
34 Effective Monday, September 19, Route 34 Northbound Campus Shuttle will end operation on weekdays at 12:15 p.m. (earlier than previously scheduled). The campus currently operates two campus shuttles over the same roads, but in opposite directions. Route 35 Southbound Campus Shuttle will not be impacted. Passengers will still have an afternoon campus shuttle option covering the same areas as Route 34. Schedule
33 Effective Saturday, September 24, Route 33 Puffer’s Pond/Shopper Shuttle will operate on Saturdays using the Sunday schedule (running every 80 minutes).  Schedule
Springfield Service Changes
Routes Service Adjustments Effective August 28th Links
G5 Service inside Georgetown Apartments is eliminated. Alternatively, riders can use stops on Converse St or Dickinson St. Schedule
B17 On Saturdays, travel time from Wilbraham / Alden to Sixteen Acres Center is reduced from eight minutes to five minutes. Schedule
R24 Departure times will be adjusted throughout to improve schedule reliability.
  • Service to stops #370 (Lyman / Elm) and #371 (Walnut / Hampden) is eliminated. Alternatively, riders can use stop #372 (Chestnut / Lyman) or use B48 at stop #7482 (Lyman / Elm).
  • Service to stops #5800 (Mont Marie) and #470 (Soldiers Home) is eliminated. Alternatively, riders can use B23 to reach Soldiers Home.
X90 (Holyoke-Chicopee) Departure times adjusted throughout to improve schedule reliability. Schedule
T90 (Holyoke-Chicopee) New helper service connecting Holyoke Transportation Center, Chicopee Big Y, and Westover Job Corps Center. Only operates on weekdays when Westover Job Corps classes are in session. See X90 schedule for departure times and a map Schedule
Route Service Adjustments Effective Sunday, June 26th Links
  • Service in East Longmeadow Industrial Park will be extended to include service to Chestnut St, Shaker Rd, and Denslow Rd.
  • The 5:50pm weekday departure from Union Station will now also service East Longmeadow Industrial Park, and will no longer service East Longmeadow Big Y. Riders can use the 5:20pm departure or the 6:20pm departure to reach East Longmeadow Big Y.
Springfield & Northampton Area Schedule Updates

Click here to view a message regarding the Schedule Updates for Springfield and Northampton that are ongoing due to the national staffing shortage.

Amherst-Worcester Intercity Service

B79: Amherst-Worcester Intercity Read the B79 schedule. Click here to view all Amherst-Worcester Intercity stops.

Enhanced Ware-Palmer Route

PVTA, in partnership with the Quaboag Connector, added endhanced service on the Ware-Palmer Route.

Increases the number of round trips (from 1 to 2) to Eastfield Mall. A morning and afternoon trip will be provided.
Provides 4 trips (instead of 3 trips) to Three Rivers. Adds service down Park Steet to Dollar General and back via South Main Street 4 times daily.
Increases round trips between Palmer Big Y and Ware Walmart from 4pm to 7pm. Adds service to Bondsville. with 4 trips to Bondsville daily.
Provides enhanced service to Ware Center. Provides same day flex route service along the flex route.
Click here to view the Ware-Palmer schedule. Click here to view the map.
The Flex Route will provide service within ¾ mile of the fixed route:
  • Riders must call at least 2 hours in advance of the requested trip.
  • Riders will be picked up at the most accessible location near the trips point of origin.
  • Service cannot be provided on one way streets, where the vehicle cannot turn around, on streets that are too narrow, or where navigating the road presents challenges.
  • Flex Rides must fit within the route’s existing schedule and rider capacity.