Pioneer Valley Transit Authority
Performance & Efficiency
Performance Measures By Route

PVTA must use its resources effectively and all routes should achieve a minimum level of productivity. The routes productivity is measured in terms of “Passengers per Revenue Vehicle Hour” for most services, and “Passengers per Trip” for Regional and Express services that typically carry passengers for long distances with little passenger turnover.

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Fiscal Year 2018
Financial Dashboard

The following financial information illustrates PVTA’s operating budget for the current fiscal year, or the funding allocated to delivering service on a daily basis. It has been approved by the board and covers July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2019.

FY 19 Annual Budget

PVTA Operates at a zero ($-0) Deficit Budget.
The Revenue equals the Expenditures.

Revenue $51,380,495
Expenditures $51,380,495