Pioneer Valley Transit Authority
Real-time Data Information
General Real-time Information

PVTA is utilizing real-time bus information data. The system works with GPS technology and allows PVTA to track the buses and provide you with real-time departure information. The real-time data will allow you to see approximately when a bus is departing from your stop. However, this technology is currently in beta test. We ask that you adhear to the scheduled departure times as closely as possible since we are still testing the information at this time.

Please note that the scheduled departure times (sdt) are approximate. Although the buses make every effort to not depart a stop early, it is a possibility. The PVTA recommends arriving at your stop ten minutes before a departure time.

Real-time Data Team Contact

If you have any comments concerning the real-time bus information or if you are interested in development using the real-time feed data, please use the form below.

Do not use this form to submit service feedback as your comment will not be investigated by the real-time data feed team.

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