Pioneer Valley Transit Authority
ADA Paratransit
Notice - November 2023

To avoid capacity constraints for ADA paratransit users, we are implementing the following procedures to ensure that all ADA trips are made in accordance with PVTA and federal standards and to minimize any disruption to Dial A Ride users.

  • Dial A Ride trips for non-medical purposes are subject to trip negotiation and may not be scheduled during peak times (8:00 AM to 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM)
  • Dial A Ride users attempting to schedule non-medical trips during peak times will be offered alternative trip times during off peak hours.
  • Dial A Ride medical and employment trips will not be subject to time restrictions.

These changes will take effect with the start of service on November 27, 2023.

Paratransit Service

The PVTA provides ADA paratransit service for people with disabilities. This service provides a shared-ride, door-to-door van transportation for individuals whose disabilities prevent them from riding the city bus service. PVTA provides paratransit service throughout the Pioneer Valley within 3 / 4 mile of a city route.

The paratransit service runs on all days that the city bus service operates.

PVTA is dedicated to providing accessible public transportation to passengers in the Pioneer Valley.

For more information, please contact our main office at 732-6248 ext. 2237 or read the following:

English version of Paratransit Rider Guide (PDF) Spanish version of Paratransit Rider Guide (PDF)
How to Apply for Paratransit Service

For information on becoming eligible for the ADA van service, please contact:
(413) 732-6248 x2237 or (800) 752-1638 x 2237 to request an ADA application.

The ADA application must be completed in its entirety before mailing to PVTA.
Please do not email the application.
Click here for the ADA Application.
Do not print on both sides of the paper; single side only.

Our office is located at 2808 Main Street, Springfield, MA 01107.

These are the steps for completing the application:

  1. Complete the application through the link above and print it -OR- print the blank form and complete it by hand.
  2. Do not print on both sides of the paper; single side only.
  3. Please do not fold application.
  4. Please be sure to include everything necessary that should be with the application to avoid the application being returned. Click here to see what to submit with your application.
  5. Mail or drop off the application to: PVTA, 2808 Main Street, Springfield, MA 01107.
  6. If you have received an email from us about your application, you can click here to view your application status.
La aplicacion de ADA debe ser completada antes de llegar a su cita.
Oprime aquí para la aplicación de ADA Por favor, no imprime en ambos lados del papel.

Estas son su opciones para completar la applicacion:
Puede completar la aplicaion a través del enlace anterior, imprimir el formulario y llevar el formulario completo a su cita.
- O -
Puede imprimir el formulario en blanco, completar el formulario a mano y traer el formulario completato, a su cita.
No imprima en ambos lados del papel; solo un lado
Por favor no doble la aplicacion.
No envíe la solicitud antes de la fecha de su cita.

Complete ADA Service Guide:
English ADA Service Guide -OR- Spanish ADA Service Guide
Service Hours by Community:
Full Service Paratransit Service Hours by Community. Updated 1/1/2024

Any visitor who presents ADA eligibility documentation from another jurisdiction will be provided service. We will accept a certification by the visitor that he or she is unable to use fixed-route transit. The visitor will be provided 21 days of service within a 365-day period.

Any restrictions on their ADA eligibility in their residence city will be enforced here. For example, if the individual’s eligibility states they can use the service only in winter months, they would not be eligible here for service during summer months.

Any visitor who does not have ADA eligibility from another transit agency may be asked to provide proof of non-residence outside of the PVTA service area. Any visitor without an apparent disability (e.g. cognitive impairment) may be asked to provide proof of disability, such as a letter from a medical professional or another agency that has already established disability for the visitor.

If a visitor needs services beyond the 21 days in a 365 day period, the individual will be required to apply for Paratransit eligibility locally.

Paratransit Information
One-Hour Window

The van provider may negotiate pick up times with the passenger, but the provider shall not require an ADA paratransit eligible passenger to schedule a trip to begin more than one hour before or after the passenger desired departure time (Federal Register, 37.131.b2). The provider will not make a passenger late for a scheduled appointment and/or work and will not pick up a passenger before the end of an appointment and/or work.

Severe Weather Private Residence Notice

Driveways and sidewalks must be cleared of snow and/or ice if driver is required to provide door to door assistance or shopping bag assistance. Drivers are not required to provide assistance if these areas are not properly cleared. This policy is used to protect the safety of both the passenger and the driver.

Shopping Bag Policy

Riders who require assistance with their bags/parcels must call only once to notify them that they are requesting the assistance which will be added to their client file. Drivers are only required to assist with up to 3 standard size carry-on bags with a combined weight not to exceed 25 lbs.

3/4 Mile Policy

If you live in the towns of Hatfield, Monson, Pelham, South Deerfield, Whatley, Southampton, Leverett or Enfield, CT and live within 3 / 4 of a mile from a PVTA city bus line you may be eligible for ADA van service.  Please review the maps below to see if you are eligible for this service.  If you have any questions, please call PVTA at 413-732-6248 ext. 2237.

ADA Complaints

See how to submit an ADA complaint.

Van Fares & Passes

View the Van Fares and Passes.

City Bus Service

All PVTA buses meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) for accessible public transit service. All PVTA buses have front door ramps to allow access for customers using mobility devices such as wheelchairs and scooters. Any individual is welcome to use the ramps at the front of the door, simply request the driver to deploy the ramp. Other ADA accessible features include special lighting, public announcement systems, priority seating, securement areas and equipment for mobility devices. All conforming wheelchairs and mobility devices must be secured in accordance with the four-point securement procedure. PVTA buses also “kneel” to lower the step at the front door.

Bus Travel Training

PVTA offers free Travel Training to seniors and people with disabilities. Referral forms and more information can be found on our Travel Training page.