Pioneer Valley Transit Authority
Advertising Guidelines
Guideline Information

Through these guidelines the PVTA intends to establish uniform, view-point neutral; standards for the display of advertising on or in all PVTA vehicles. In setting advertising standards the PVTA seeks to fulfill the following goals and objectives:

Maximization of revenue generated by advertising;

Maximization of revenue generated by attracting, maintaining and increasing ridership;

Maintaining a safe and welcoming environment for all PVTA passengers;

Avoiding the identification of the PVTA with advertisements or the viewpoints of the advertisers.

Click here for a printable PDF of the Advertising Guidelines.

Advertising Standards

Advertisements related to the sale of alcoholic beverages shall contain a statement, occupying at least 3% of the area of the advertisement, that indicates the legal drinking age in Massachusetts and warns of the dangers of alcohol consumption during pregnancy or in connection with the operation of heavy machinery or while driving.

The PVTA shall not display or maintain any advertisement that falls within one or more of the following categories:

a.) Demeaning or disparaging. The advertisement contains material that demeans or disparages an individual or group of individuals.

b.) The advertisement promotes the sale or use of tobacco or tobacco related products, including depicting such products.

c.) The advertisement contains profanity.

d.) The advertisement contains an image of a firearm or depicts weapons.

e.) The advertisement contains an image or description of graphic violence to a person or animal.

f.) The advertisement or any material contained in it promotes or encourages or appears to promote or encourage the use or possession of unlawful or illegal goods or services or illegal behavior or activities.

g.) The advertisement contains obscene material or images of nudity or if the advertisement contains material that describes, depicts or represents sexual activities.

h.) The advertisement contains political campaign speech. For the purposes of these Guidelines, the term “political campaign speech” is speech that refers to a specific ballot question, initiative petition or referendum or refers to any candidate for public office.

i.) The advertisement proposes a commercial transaction and the advertisement or any material contained in it is false, misleading or deceptive.

j.) The advertisement promotes or encourages, or appears to promote or encourage, a transaction related to, or uses brand names, trademarks, slogans or other materials which are identifiable with films rated X or NC17, video games rated M or AO, adult book stores, adult video stores, nude dance clubs and other adult entertainment establishments, adult telephone services, adult Internet site and escort services.

k.) The advertisement or any material contained in it, is false or any infringement of copyright, or is otherwise unlawful or illegal or likely to subject the PVTA to litigation.

l.) The advertisement, or any material contained in it, implies or declares an endorsement by the PVTA of any service, product or point of view, without prior written authorization of the PVTA.