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Winter Weather Travel Guide
PVTA Winter Weather Travel Guide

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PVTA Winter Weather GuideWhen inclement weather is in the forecast, PVTA services are subject to change as conditions demand. While forecasted temperatures and snow accumulations guide our preparations, the actual intensity of the storm and road conditions will dictate the level of service we can safely provide and/or restore. Passengers should expect delays on scheduled pick up and drop offs during a storm.

Service Interruptions Due to Winter Weather

During a storm, PVTA will post active alerts for all PVTA routes and services affected.. You can also tune into the local radio and news stations for service modifications.

Please wait at least 10 minutes beyond the scheduled arrival time before calling PVTA to inquire about a late bus. Use the Transit app that shows PVTA data for real time information on routes and to see the current location of your bus.

Depending on the storm's severity, it may take hours to days for detoured buses to return to their regular routes. Visit the information page to find out when regular service will resume.

Weather Precautions

Stay Informed

Use the Transit app that shows PVTA data
Facebook: @PioneerValleyTransitAuthority
Twitter: @pvta

Please check PVTA’s website for standard detours.


We urge all of our riders to take extra care when traveling. Please allow extra time for travel during storms.

Buses may operate with reduced service, slower speeds, or delays during and after snowstorms.

PVTA may detour buses on a route-by-route basis if conditions warrant, especially those that operate on narrow streets or hills.

When boarding a bus during inclement weather, wait until the bus has come to a full and complete stop and the doors have opened before approaching the bus.

If your desired stop is obstructed by snow/ice, the driver will stop at the nearest safe location. Do not stand in the street or on top of snow banks.

Give your driver ample notification of your desired stop. When approaching your destination, the driver will stop at the nearest safe location.

Bus Stops & Snow Removal

There are almost 2,000 bus stops within the PVTA system, mostly located on public streets and sidewalks. Depending on the location, the responsibility for clearing snow/ice falls to one of several entities:

  • PVTA
  • Property Owner or Tenant
  • University or College
  • Municipality

When you notice a stop that is obstructed by snow, it’s important to know who to contact to file a complaint.

Bus Stops PVTA is Responsible to Clear

PVTA is responsible for clearing snow at the Westfield Transit Pavilion, the Holyoke Transportation Center and all bus shelters on city property in Springfield. If you notice one of these locations obstructed by snow/ice, please notify PVTA’s Information Center at (877) 779-7882 or local (413) 781-7882, or submit an email through our website at Contact PVTA.

All Other Bus Stops

Snow removal at Union Station is the responsibility of Union Station. If you notice this location is obstructed by snow/ice, please notify Union Station at 413-471-3397 or approach a Security Guard to report the conditions.

All other bus stops are addressed by the municipality in which they are located. Most municipalities have delegated this responsibility to the adjacent property owner/tenants. The municipality in which the bus stop is located has the responsibility to enforce snow removal, as defined by local ordinance.

Service During Storms

PVTA has classified snow storms and winter weather conditions into three categories based on the severity of the storm, conditions of the roadway, and the transit service type. Fixed route bus service and paratransit van service may operate at different severity levels.

Severity Level Fixed Route - Buses Paratransit - Vans
I Regular bus service. Expect delays. Some routes may have service modifications due to road conditions. Non-essential van trips cancelled. Medical/school/work related trips are operating.
II Service detours, expect delays. Operating life sustaining van trips only. All other van trips are cancelled.
III All PVTA bus service will be cancelled. All PVTA van service will be cancelled.
Fixed Route Bus Service Severity Levels (cont.)
Detours expected during Severity Level II conditions:
All detours identified for Severity Level I, and:
G1 Cannon Circle Detour
G2 Cottage Street / Dwight Road / Stop & Shop Detour
G3 Springfield Plaza/ King Westford Circle Detour
B4 Clyde and Sanderson Street Detour
G5 Central Street Detour
B6 No Chestnut St./Harrison Ave.
B7 Independence House / Price Rite Parking Lot Detours
B7s Raymond Jordan Senior Center
R10 Western Mass Hospital/ East Mountain View Apartments Detour
P11 Kids Place/ Dwight Street/ Harrison Avenue Detours
R14 Pheasant Hill Detour
B17 Regular Route
P20 Tokeneke Road/ K-Mart Plaza Detour
P21No Meetinghouse Road Detour
B23 Kids Place/ HCC/ Soldiers Home Detour
R24 Bypass Holyoke Hospital/ St Kobe-Pulaski Heights/ No Soldiers Home
No Mont-Marie Detours/ No K-Mart Plaza
Rd/Ingleside St/ Jones Ferry Rd/ Soldiers Home/ Mont Marie Detours
R27 Fernbank Road/ Dipping Hole Road Tinkham Road Detour
R29 The Notch Detour/Flats Detour
31 South Amherst Detour/Boulders
33 Bypass Amity St./University Drive
38/39 The Notch Detour
R42 Williamsburg Detour
B43 Haigis Mall/ One Way Loop/ Amherst College Detours
R44 High Street/Nonotuck Street Detour
45 Bypass Old Amherst Rd and/or Pelham Rd, Heatherstone Rd., Stony Hill Rd., & Gatehouse Rd.
X90 The Flats Detour
X92 Regular Route
Loop No Chestnut St.