Pioneer Valley Transit Authority
Bicycles on PVTA Buses
General Information
Two-wheeled bikes only.
No motorized bikes.
Cyclists MUST load and unload their own bike. For safety reasons, the bus driver cannot assist in loading or unloading a bike.
No child carrier seats or tandem bikes permitted
Bikes cannot be locked while on the bike rack
Customers use the PVTA racks at their own risk. PVTA assumes no responsibility for bikes that are lost, stolen, damaged or left on racks.
Never step onto the street side of the bus when loading or unloading your bike. The bus operator may not see you if you approach and load from the left side of the bus.
Remember to let the bus operator know when you plan to load or unload your bike.
Be ready at the bus stop. If you plan to remove anything from your bike, do so before the bus arrives at the stop.
Load your bike as quickly as possible.
Be considerate of the passengers on board.
Do not bring your bike inside the bus if the rack is full. Only folding bikes, in the folded position, are allowed on a bus.
Racks are available during hours of operation on a first-come, first-served basis.
Bikes on PVTA Buses
Loading a Bicycle
Remove all loose items such as water bottles, air pumps, flags, bags, etc. before loading.
Always load and unload bike from the curbside, never from the traffic lane.
After the bus comes to a complete stop and you are sure that the bus driver sees you, move to the bike rack located on the front of the bus.
REMEMBER, make eye contact with driver!
Squeeze up on the release handle that is located in the middle of the rack and lower the rack from its upright position.
Lift the bike onto the rack, the bike must be positioned using the available wheel slot closest to the bus, wheel slots are clearly labeled for front and back tires.
Raise the support arm over the top of your bike’s front tire so the hook rests next to the brakes.
Board the bus and pay your fare.
Unloading a Bicycle
As the bus approaches your stop, inform the driver that you will be unloading your bike. Use the front door to exit the bus. Unload your bike from the curb-side only.
Raise the support arm off the front tire and fold it down to its original position. Lift the bike off the rack.
If the rack is empty, fold the rack into the upright position by squeezing the release handle.
Step away from the bus to the curb with your bike. Wait until the bus pulls away. Never proceed directly in front of the bus into traffic.