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PVTA Reasonable Modifications
What is Reasonable Modification?

The Pioneer Valley Transit Authority is committed to providing customers including those with disabilities with safe, reliable, accessible and user-friendly services.  As part of this commitment, the PVTA has adopted this policy to provide a procedure for receiving, processing and responding to requests for reasonable modifications to PVTA’s Policies or practices by individuals with disabilities.


On March 13, 2015, the Department of Transportation issued a Final Ruling regarding 49 CFR Parts 27 and 37Transportation for Individuals with Disabilities; Reasonable Modification of Policies and Practices. This ruling requires public entities providing designated public transportation services to make reasonable modifications and accommodations to policies and practices to ensure program accessibility. The rule further requires that public entities adopt a formal process for tracking and responding to said requests for modifications.

PVTA will accommodate requests provided that:
Fundamental nature of the service, program or activity is not altered, or
It does not cause a direct threat to the health or safety of others, or
It does not result in an undue financial and administrative burden, or
The requestor would not be able to fully use the service provided by PVTA without the modification.
Request Denials and Request Protests
If a request for reasonable modification is denied, the requester has the right to protest the decision by following PVTA’s ADA protest procedures.  Copies are available upon request.  Also, a copy of the ADA protest procedures will be included with the written decision of denial.  The PVTA will take, to the maximum extent possible, any other actions that may be available to them to ensure that the individual with a disability receives the services or benefits provided by the PVTA that would not result in a direct threat or fundamental alteration.

Reasonable Modifications Request Form
Individuals requesting modifications shall describe what they need in order to use the service.
Individuals requesting modifications are not required to use the term "reasonable modification" when making a request.
Whenever feasible, requests for modifications shall be made and determined in advance, before PVTA is expected to provide the modified service, for example, during the paratransit eligibility process, through customer service inquiries, or through the PVTA’s feedback process.
Where a request for modification cannot practicably be made and determined in advance, operating personnel shall make a determination of whether the modification should be provided at the time of the request. Operating personnel may consult with PVTA’s management before making a determination to grant or deny the request.
Ways to Submit a Reasonable Modification Request Form
Download the form here.
Fax the request form to 413-737-2954
Send an email to our Reasonable Requests Coordinator.
Call 413-732-6248 ext 230
Mail a request to:  

PVTA Reasonable Modifications
2808 Main Street
Springfield, MA 01107