Pioneer Valley Transit Authority
PVTA Rider Rules & Etiquette
How to Ride
Arrive at your bus stop several minutes before the bus is due to arrive. The PVTA picks up and drops off passengers at designated bus stops marked with the PVTA logo.
Watch for your oncoming bus. The route number and destination is listed on the electronic signs located on the front, side and rear of the bus. If you are not sure you are boarding the correct bus, just ask the driver.
As the bus approaches, move toward the curb, indicate to the driver you want to board the bus.
Have your ticket, pass or exact change ready when you board. If you need to transfer to another bus you must purchase a transfer from the driver while you are paying the fare. Once you've paid your fare move quickly to your seat. Please leave the side-facing seats in the front of the bus for elders and mobility impaired passengers.
As the bus approaches your stop, pull the cord or press the plastic strip near the window. A chime will sound and a "stop requested" sign will light up at the front of the bus. The driver will stop at the next designated bus stop. Please exit through the rear door so new passengers are able to board the bus using the front door.
For additional information, read our Riding the PVTA brochure.
Reading Schedules
Check the route number and destination on the front cover.
Verify weekday versus weekend travel times.
Locate the intersection that is closest to where you want to board the bus, determine the time you wish to board and arrive at that stop a few minutes prior to the posted time.

Reading Schedules

Etiquette and Safety
The PVTA wants all passengers to enjoy a safe and comfortable ride. Please observe the following rules when riding the bus.
No eating, drinking or smoking while riding the bus.
Please stay seated to avoid falling when the bus starts or stops.
Rude, hateful, discriminatory or derogatory language is prohibited.
Threatening or harassing a passenger or PVTA employee is prohibited.
Physical or violent behavior towards passenger or PVTA employees is prohibited.
Vandalism or destruction of PVTA or other passengers property is prohibited.
Any actions that result in delaying a vehicle for more than 5 minutes will be considered a serious disruption of service and are prohibited.
Any actions that result in requiring a bus to be removed from service for cleaning are prohibited.
Do not block the bus in the road at anytime while it is operating or moving.
Do not block exits or stand forward of the yellow or white line.
Side-facing seats in the front are reserved for senior citizens and persons with disabilities.
Please keep children seated at all times.
Children under 6 years of age or under ride for free but must be accompanied by an adult. This guideline applies to both fixed route and ADA service.
Folding bikes are allowed on PVTA buses and must be kept out of the aisle.
Strollers and grocery carts must be folded and kept out of the aisle.
Service animals are allowed, pets are allowed in secured and full enclosed containers. Animals are not allowed on seats or in aisles.
Electronic devices that could disturb others must be used with headphones.
Shirts and shoes must be worn on the bus.
No large items (skis, bicycles etc) are allowed on the bus.
Items brought on board such as backpacks, bags, suit cases, etc. must be stored in the passengers lap or underneath the seat.  Items must be kept out of the aisle and these items are not allowed to be stored on other seats on the bus.