Pioneer Valley Transit Authority
Senior Fare Free Tuesday
Seniors Aged 60+ Ride PVTA’s Buses for FREE every TUESDAY!

PVTA is introducing a new program called 'Senior Fare Free Tuesdays'. Seniors aged 60+ can ride fixed route buses and shuttles for free every Tuesday. This program applies to PVTA Buses and Shuttles. It does not apply to PVTA van service.

Must show valid PVTA Senior ID & Senior Pass when boarding bus.

PVTA Senior ID
Senior ID Sample
PVTA Smart Card
PVTA Senior Pass
Senior Fare Free Tuesdays Card

Senior Pass is reusable. Keep this pass with your Senior ID for reuse.

Senior Passes are available at PVTA's Customer Service Offices and your local Senior Services Office. Just show the staff your PVTA Senior ID.

Helpful Information
What do Seniors need to do in order to be able to participate in Senior Fare Free Tuesdays?
Just get a PVTA Senior ID and show it to the bus driver when boarding the bus.
Where can Seniors get a PVTA Senior ID?
PVTA Senior ID’s are available at PVTA’s Customer Service Offices ($3.00). See locations.
Why should seniors get a PVTA Senior ID?
Seniors with a PVTA Senior ID can ride buses and shuttles for free on Tuesdays. On days other than Tuesdays, ride PVTA’s buses and shuttles for half fare ($0.75) and transfer for $0.10.
Helpful Information (cont.)
What are Fixed Route Buses and Shuttles?
Fixed route buses and shuttles are buses and shuttles that operate on scheduled timetables and stay on a specific route each time it operates. Senior Fare Free Tuesdays does not include PVTA’s van service.
What if I don’t know how to ride the bus?
PVTA’s Travel Trainer can schedule in-person training to teach you how to ride the bus!
If you have questions about service, routes or where to catch the bus, contact Customer Service and we’ll be happy to help you!
Is there priority seating for seniors?
Yes, PVTA offers priority seating in the front of the bus for seniors.