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Springfield Area Schedule Changes Starting Sunday, August 25
Loop- Trip times from Union Station to MGM are shorter, and trip times from the Quadrangle to Union Station are longer. This results in modified departure and arrival times from Union Station, as well as from MGM (outbound only). No changes to frequency of departures.Loop schedule
G2E- Frequency of departures has increased from every 60 minutes to every 50 minutes.G2E schedule
B7S- Mason Square is no longer a timepoint, but is still serviced normally.B7S schedule
B7- Saturday express service only: Outbound routing (to Eastfield Mall) uses Robbins Rd, Cottage St, and Harvey St to travel between Page Blvd and Boston Rd. Inbound routing (to Union Station) has not changed. No changes to bus stops or departure times.B7 schedule
P11 Summer and Orientation Service

P11 Summer Service operates one trip to HCC in the morning and one trip to Union Station in the afternoon through Friday, 8/23. This schedule will, also, operate on Wednesday, August 28. See P11 Summer Schedule.

P11 Orientation Week Service for Monday 8/26, Tuesday 8/27, Thursday 8/29 and Friday 8/30:
HCC Orientation 2019

Updated R44 Service Effective Sunday, September 1, 2019
Click here to view the R44 schedule that will start 9/1/19.
Loop R44 will operate as a loop through Florence. Click to view the updated map. (Opens in a new window.)
Direction The R44 will split into two loops, running clockwise and counter-clockwise.
New Stop Bus will stop at Rocky Hill Cohousing between Hampshire County House of Corrections and Florence Heights.
Starting Place The Salvo House will continue to receive the first and last bus.
Schedule The route change will increase in length from 60 minutes to 70 minutes. No changes are made for Saturday and Sunday service to either the schedule or route and no changes to VA Service.
UMass Transit Summer Service
30, 31 Weekdays through 9/2 - Reduced Weekday Schedules *
Saturdays through Saturday, 8/31 - Reduced Saturday Schedules
Sundays through Sunday, 9/1 - Reduced Sunday Schedules
* PVTA has added one additional trip to the end of the summer service on the weekday schedule.
33 Through Monday, 9/2 - Full Service Schedule
36 Through Monday, 9/ 2 - Full Service Schedule
Note: Rt 36 does not operate on Sunday nor during academic calendar periods.
34, 35, 38, 39 Through Monday, 9/2 - NO BUS SERVICE
45, 46 Through Monday, 9/2 - Reduced Service Schedules
Note: Routes 45 and 46 do not operate on weekends.