Pioneer Valley Transit Authority
Information Page of PVTA

In compliance with State regulations regarding the distribution of paper brochures all schedules have been removed from PVTA vehicles and common areas.  Schedules are available online at the PVTA website and are available upon request at PVTA customer service centers.

Fare collection has resumed for all PVTA service.

To better maintain distance between passengers and enhance safety when boarding and dismounting the bus, all passengers will board the bus via the front door, and exit the bus via the rear door.

UMass Transit Routes Winter/Spring 2021 Information
UMass routes have updated schedules starting Monday, February 1, 2021. The following routes have updated schedules:
2021 Information

Springfield Area Routes

  • The Loop will not operate until further notice.
  • OWL will not operate until further notice, effective Monday, November 9.
  • R10: The ‘Weekday No School’ schedule will be used on all weekday service days. View the schedule here.
  • 10s has been eliminated. Please use R10 for service between Westfield Center and Westfield State University.
  • P11 will not operate until further notice. Please use B23 or R41 for service to Holyoke Community College
  • R14: Updated weekday timetable with revised departure times for improved schedule reliability, including more afternoon service to West Springfield Big Y. Click here for the updated schedule.
2021 Information

Northampton Area Route

  • B48 buses does not stop to pick up or drop off passengers between Stop & Shop and Holyoke Transit Center (HTC)
    This change is being made to reduce overcrowding on B48 buses while ensuring that riders needing essential services may still obtain them. Additionally, passengers who travel to the end of the line will not be allowed to take the same bus to return to the beginning of the line. We apologize for any inconvenience.
    - Between HTC & Stop & Shop, only the stops listed below is serviced.
    - To HTC: Stop & Shop & HTC
    - To Northampton: HTC, Lyman/Elm, & McNulty Park/Stop & Shop
    - Click here to view a poster of this notice.
  • Survival Center Shuttle: Not operating until Survival Center resumes normal operation.
  • 39 and 39E are not operating for Fall 2020 & Spring 2021
  • B43 ends on Monday-Wednesday times on all weekday service days, and ends earlier on Saturdays as shown below:
Last Bus From Smith College Amherst College
Mon. – Wed. 10:45 PM 11:30 PM
Thursday 10:45 PM 11:30 PM
Friday 10:45 PM 11:30 PM
Saturday 11:00 PM 11:40 PM
Sunday (No change) 9:30 PM 10:10 PM
  • B43 Express trips are now on their own route: B43E. Trip departure times and locations are unchanged. Please use the B43 schedule to view the B43E express trip information.