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Holyoke Transit Center Customer Service is temporarily closed.

Dial-A-Ride service now operates between 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM. PVTA continues to provide expanded Dial-A-Ride service hours for riders accessing Dialysis and Chemotherapy treatments.

Paper Schedules: In compliance with State regulations regarding the distribution of paper brochures, all schedules have been removed from PVTA vehicles and common areas. Schedules are available online at the PVTA website and are available upon request at PVTA customer service centers.

Click here to read a message from the PVTA Director of Transit Operations.

Springfield Area Transit Schedule Updates

Effective December 12, 2021

Service changes in the Springfield area to address the ongoing shortage of bus operators:

  • G2E suspended: The G2E Route will be suspended. Please use the G2 for service between Union Station and Memorial Industrial Park.
  • B6 frequency change: Weekday frequency will be reduced from 20 minutes to 30 minutes. See B6 schedule. See B6 map. See the B6 Line Map.
  • B7 frequency change: Weekday frequency will be reduced from 15 minutes to 20 minutes. See B7 schedule.
  • X90 split route and frequency changes: The X90 route will be split into two parts. One serving Chicopee to HTC and the other serving Chicopee to East Longmeadow. See X90 schedule. See X90 map. See the X90 Line Map.
    • Chicopee to East Longmeadow will run between East Longmeadow Big Y and Chicopee Big Y, while Chicopee to HTC will run between Chicopee Big Y and HTC.
    • Passengers traveling between the two parts will require a transfer at Chicopee Big Y
    • The Chicopee to East Longmeadow part will follow the existing A branch on all trips. Please use G1 for service on Grove St and Main St in Chicopee Falls.
      • The Chicopee to East Longmeadow frequency will be reduced from 30 minutes to 60 minutes.
    • The Chicopee to HTC part will continue to service both A branch and B branch with a slight variation on the B branch using the Willimansett Bridge instead of Buckley Blvd, Prospect St, James St, Syrek St, and Main St in South Hadley Falls to improve travel times. Service on X90 in South Hadley Falls will still be provided on A branch trips.
      • The Chicopee to HTC frequency on each branch will be 60 minutes for a combined 30-minute frequency for service between HTC and Chicopee Big Y.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact PVTA’s Customer Service and Information Center or call 413.781.7882.

Northampton Area Transit Schedule Updates

Effective November 1, 2021

Route Affected Route Modifications Schedules
B43 Between 7 AM and 1 PM, will operate service every half hour See B43 Schedule
B48 Provide service hourly.
(Alternate connections to Springfield and Holyoke are available on the R41 and G73).
See B48 Schedule
B48 & R44 Operates from 7 AM to 7 PM. See R44 Schedule

Amherst-Worcester Intercity Service

B79: Amherst-Worcester Intercity

Click here to view all Amherst-Worcester Intercity stops.

Read the B79 schedule.

Springfield Area Routes

Fall Service Information
  • WSU Shuttle: Service resumed with a new schedule operating between Scanlon Hall, Horace Mann Center, Westfield Center, and Stop & Shop from 6:30am to 5:30pm. See WSU schedule.
    • Service to Horace Mann Center coincides with class times, from 7:50am to 4:10pm.
    • Supplements existing service on R10 between Westfield Center and Westfield State University.
    • Operates weekdays only when WSU classes are in session.
  • P11: Service resumes Tuesday, September 7. See P11 schedule

Ongoing schedule changes:

  • The Loop will not operate until further notice.
  • R10: The previous ‘Weekday No School’ schedule will be used on all weekday service days. View the schedule here.
  • 10s has been eliminated. Please use WSU Shuttle or R10 for service between Westfield Center and Westfield State University.
  • P20E is replaced by G73E, providing express service between Springfield Union Station and Holyoke Mall with extended service to Northampton Academy of Music.
  • New Route! G73E Springfield-Northampton Express:
    • Express service via I-91 connecting Springfield Union Station, Holyoke Mall, and Northampton Academy of Music
    • Hourly service between Springfield and Northampton (35-minute travel time)
    • Half-hourly service between Springfield and Holyoke Mall (15-minute travel time)
    • Operates weekdays and Saturdays
    • See G73E Schedule   Opens in a new window

Enhanced Ware-Palmer Route

PVTA, in partnership with the Quaboag Connector, is enhancing service on the Ware-Palmer Route started July 6, 2021.

  • Increases the number of round trips (from 1 to 2) to Eastfield Mall. A morning and afternoon trip will be provided.
  • Provides 4 trips (instead of 3 trips) to Three Rivers.
  • Adds service down Park Steet to Dollar General and back via South Main Street 4 times daily.
  • Increases round trips between Palmer Big Y and Ware Walmart from 4pm to 7pm.
  • Adds service to Bondsville. with 4 trips to Bondsville daily.
  • Provides enhanced service to Ware Center.
  • Provides same day flex route service along the flex route.
  • Click here to view the updated Ware-Palmer schedule.
  • Click here to view the new map.
  • The Flex Route will provide service within ¾ mile of the fixed route
    • Riders must call at least 2 hours in advance of the requested trip.
    • Riders will be picked up at the most accessible location near the trips point of origin.
    • Service cannot be provided on one way streets, where the vehicle cannot turn around, on streets that are too narrow, or where navigating the road presents challenges.
    • Flex Rides must fit within the route’s existing schedule and rider capacity.

UMass Transit Information

Fall Service information:
  • 30: Every 20 minutes during day M-F, every 30 minutes at night, every 30-60 minutes on weekends. Rt. 30 Fall Schedule
  • 31: Every 20 minutes during day M-F, every 25-35 minutes at night, every 40-70 minutes on weekends. Rt. 31 Fall Schedule
  • 33: No changes.
  • 34: Every 22 minutes during day M-F, no service at night or on weekends.Rt. 34 Fall Schedule
  • 35: Every 22 minutes during day M-F, every 40 minutes at night and on weekends. Rt. 35 Fall Schedule
  • 36: Only operates during Reduced Service
  • 38: Every 30 minutes during day M-F, every 40 minutes at night and on Saturday, every 80 min on Sunday. Rt. 38 Fall Schedule
  • 39: Not running until further notice.
  • 45: No changes from last semester.
  • 46: Slight timetable adjustments compared to last semester.

Northampton Area Route

Ongoing service information:

  • B48 buses does not stop to pick up or drop off passengers between Stop & Shop and Holyoke Transit Center (HTC)
    This change is being made to reduce overcrowding on B48 buses while ensuring that riders needing essential services may still obtain them. Additionally, passengers who travel to the end of the line will not be allowed to take the same bus to return to the beginning of the line. We apologize for any inconvenience.
    - Between HTC & Stop & Shop, only the stops listed below is serviced.
    - To HTC: Stop & Shop & HTC
    - To Northampton: HTC, Lyman/Elm, & McNulty Park/Stop & Shop
    - Click here to view a poster of this notice.
  • Survival Center Shuttle: Not operating until Survival Center resumes normal operation.