Advertising Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different size options of advertisements available?

PVTA offers interior advertisements, full bus wraps, and five (5) exterior sign types:

  • King 144”L x 30”H (side of bus)
  • Queen 108”L x 30”H (side of bus)
  • Princess 88”L x 30”H (side of bus)
  • Royal 60”L x 30”H (side of bus)
  • Tail 50”L x 17”H (back of bus)

Who makes the advertisements?

The Advertiser is responsible for providing the finished advertisement signs to PVTA.
Contact us for more information.

How many signs does the advertising rate cover?

Advertising rates listed are net cost, and are per (1) advertisement frame on one (1) side of the bus.

Are advertising rates the same for all garages?

Yes. Rates listed on rate sheet are the same no matter the garage.

Does PVTA offer a discount to non-profit organizations?

Yes. PVTA offers a 5% discount off the advertised rates listed on the Advertising Rate and Material Specification sheet to non-profit organizations. Non-profit discount does not apply to discounted rates and only applies to actual non-profit organization. Discount does not apply to advertising/marketing agencies.

How long do advertisements run?

Advertisement run times can vary from weeks, to months, to years. Advertising Rates are listed per sign for one (1) month.

Can I advertise out of more than one PVTA garage?

Yes. The advertiser is responsible for having signs delivered to each PVTA garage location.

Can I choose the bus route my advertisement runs on?

No. PVTA buses are not assigned to a specific route and change routes which they operate on a daily basis.

Can I advertise in specific cities/towns?

Advertisers are able to target cities and towns to advertise based upon the PVTA garage the advertisement out of; Springfield area garage, Northampton area garage, & UMass Amherst communities each garage serves. Contact us for more information.

Does PVTA offer any other types of advertising?

No. PVTA only offers advertising on the exterior & interior of buses.

What material do advertisements need to be made of?

All exterior advertisements need to arrive at PVTA’s garage printed/mounted on Coroplast material. Interior advertisements need to be printed on .030 styrene.

Where can I find advertisement rate information?

Rates can be found on the Advertising Rate & Material Specification sheet.

Where can I find advertisement material & size specifications?

Material & size specifications can be found on PVTA’s Advertising Rate & Material Specification sheet.

Where can I find Showing Information?

Showings can be found on PVTA’s Showings & Service Area Information sheet.

Where can I find Impression Data?

For information on Impressions, contact us for more information..

Where should advertisements be delivered?

The address of the PVTA garage your advertisement should be delivered to for installation is listed on your PVTA Contract.

  • Springfield Garage: PVTA Garage, Attn: Advertising (contract #), 2840 Main Street, Springfield, MA 01107
  • Northampton Garage: PVTA Garage, Attn: Advertising (contract #), 54 Industrial Dr., Northampton, MA 01060
  • UMass Amherst Garage: PVTA Garage, Attn: Advertising (contract #), 255 Governor’s Dr., Amherst, MA 01003

Is there specific information I need to include when delivering the advertisement?

Yes. Whether advertisement is mailed or hand delivered, PVTA’s contract number from your PVTA advertising contract must be listed on delivery packaging or on the back of advertisement(s).

What happens if my advertisement gets delivered to the wrong garage?

Contact PVTA’s advertising manager to make arrangements to get advertisement(s) to the proper garage.

My advertisement(s) arrived late, am I able to make up for any missed run time?

Loss of run time due to creative delays or delivery issues may be made up if space permits. Advertiser is responsible for making sure advertisement(s) arrive at proper PVTA garage facility by advertisement due date listed on PVTA advertising contract.

How soon prior to the start of my contract should advertisement be delivered?

Advertisements must arrive at proper PVTA garage facility at least one (1) week prior to contract start date.

Can I have my advertisements back?

Yes. PVTA will hold advertisements for a maximum of 30 days from the end date on the contract. Advertiser is responsible for picking up advertisements within that 30 day period.

Can I advertise this?

Read the Guidelines Regulating PVTA Advertising. Content is subject to PVTA’s approval.

How much notice do I need to give PVTA to place an advertisement on a bus?

The more notice you give PVTA that you want to advertise, the better. PVTA requires at least one (1) week notice prior to the contract start date.

Does PVTA hold or save advertising space for clients?

PVTA may hold space temporarily as a courtesy but advertising space is not guaranteed until there is a signed contract by the Advertising Manager as well as the Advertiser. Advertising space is filled by signed Advertising Contract on a first come first serve basis.

When will I be invoiced?

Invoices are mailed out on a monthly basis.

Are there a minimum number of advertisements to run?

No. Advertiser’s can run as many or as few advertisements as they choose.

How do I know my advertisement is installed and running?

PVTA will send you a photo of your installed advertisement during your ad's run time.

Can I change my advertising created during my contract?

Yes. There is a charge of $5 per sign for all creative changes.

What is the next step?

  • Determine your budget
  • Contact PVTA to check availability of advertisement space
  • Obtain production costs from advertising vendor
  • Determine size, quantity, and number of months to run advertisement(s)
  • Contact PVTA to draw up contract
  • Send art to production facility and have Coroplast or Styrene advertisements delivered to proper PVTA Garage facility (address listed on advertising contract)
  • Return signed contract to PVTA
  • Advertisements will be installed in accordance with start date on contract
  • A proof of performance photo will be emailed to you

Who can I contact for more information?

Brandy Pelletier
413-732-6248 x201
Pioneer Valley Transit Authority
2808 Main Street, Springfield, MA 01107