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Florence 150th Memorial Day Parade
Monday, May 28,2018
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Active Alerts


Due to Memorial Day Celebrations in Westfield buses will be detoured from Elm St., Olver Pavilion, Court St., and Westfield University from 10am to 12pm Monday May 28th. Passengers can catch the R10 at the Shelter located in the Stop & Shop parking lot.

G1, P21

Due to Memorial Day Celebrations in Chicopee, Buses will be detoured from 9am until 1pm Monday May 28th, missing stops on Center St. from Union to Front, Stops on Exchange st. from Dwight to Cabot, Stops on Cabot st. from Exchange to Center and on Front street from Center to Bonneville. Passengers can catch G1 buses to Big y on Fairview at Holy Name and Chicopee Center buses on Chestnut St. Passengers can catch P21 buses on South St.

R29, B43, 30, 31, 33, 38, 45

The Pray St (inbound) stop in Amherst is closed this week during daytime construction. Please use the temporary stop ~100 feet north of it.

R41, R42, B48

The Northampton Lodging bus stop is relocated 100-feet Southbound due to construction and sidewalk closures at the Northampton Lodging.


Due to construction, X90a Buses are detouring a portion of Broadway. Stops on Broadway at Pine, Cochran and Paine will be missed.

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