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Active Alerts


X90a buses are detouring a portion of Broadway in Chicopee due to road work. X90a buses to Chicopee from Broadway are turning Left to Grove,

30, 31, 33, 36, 45

Starting Wednesday 7/19, Routes 30, 31, 33, and 45 will bypass Pray St (In) and (Out). Route 36 will bypass Pray St (Out) and Triangle


Due to road construction the Stop at Belmont & Oakland Stop #1718 inbound is closed.

R29, B43

Starting Wednesday 07/19/17, buses will bypass Pray St (In) and (Out). This detour is in effect until further notice due to road work. Temporary stops


B7 buses will be detouring State St. between Wilbraham Rd. & Edgemont due to the Caribbean Carinval Parade beginning at 11:33am on Saturday 8/19. Outbound Buses

Temporary Route Detours

R41, R42, B48

The Northampton Lodging bus stop is relocated 100-feet Southbound due to construction and sidewalk closures at the Northampton Lodging.

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