Pioneer Valley Transit Authority
PVTA Mask Exemption Request
CDC Mask Order

The CDC's Order requiring the use of masks on transit and at transit hubs includes the following exemption; "a person with a disability who cannot wear a mask, or cannot safely wear a mask, because of the disability as defined by the American's with Disabilities Act."

PVTA requires that anyone requesting an exemption related to disability status must provide documentation of such need from a licensed medical provider.

All requests must be submitted on a "DISABILITY RELATED MASK EXEMPTION REQUEST FORM". Click here to download the form. The form must concisely explain how their disability prevents them from wearing a mask on public transit.  Requests must include medical verification from a licensed medical professional that clearly explains how their disability prevents the passenger from wearing a mask.

Exemptions will not be granted based solely on a medical diagnosis, the medical professional must certify that the disability prevents wearing a mask.

Requests without appropriate documentation will not be reviewed.

Upon approval, PVTA will issue a card to the party requesting the exemption that states they are exempt from the requirement based on disability.  Valid cards will be numbered, dated, and signed by Iris Lawrence.  The Disability Exemption Card must be presented each time the passenger boards. 

How to Submit Your Request

Passengers requesting a mask exemption must contact Iris Lawrence, ADA Coordinator.

Requests may be submitted by the following methods:

  1. Postal mail: Send the documents to:
    Iris Lawrence c/o PVTA Mask Exemption Request, 2808 Main St., Springfield, MA 01107.

  2. PVTA FAX: 413-746-1659.