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Valley Area Transit Company, 54 Industrial Drive, Northampton, MA 01060

Valley Area Transit Company (VATCo) proudly provides fixed route bus service (7-days/week, 363 days/year) for the Pioneer Valley Transit Authority within the Hampshire County Area. We are currently seeking to fill full-time Bus Operator positions. Valley Area Transit Company (VATCo) proudly provides fixed route bus service (7-days/week, 363 days/year) for the Pioneer Valley Transit Authority within the Hampshire County Area. We are currently seeking to fill full-time Bus Operator positions.

License Requirement 

To be a public transit bus operator for VATCo, you must have a current Massachusetts Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) with passenger (”P”) endorsement on your license, and no airbrake restriction at the time of your resume submission. A CDL issued from the State of Connecticut may be acceptable if you reside in CT.

CDL Sponsorship Program: If you do not have the required license, you might be eligible for our CDL sponsorship program. For more information about this program, please call 413-266-3838.

Medical Requirements

Public Transit Bus Operators must meet the medical qualifications for commercial licensing and are required to obtain and maintain a current DOT Medical Card at all times. All job offers are made contingent upon meeting the DOT medical requirements of the job. Medical cards are normally issued for a 1–2-year period but can be issued for a lesser period of time depending on individual medical circumstances. Even if a person recently obtained a medical card for a previous employer, he/she would still be required to do so from VATCo’s Company physician. Once expired, the card holder is required to renew his or her medical card via the DOT physical process.

DOT regulations require the employee/patient to provide current and thorough backup documentation from his or her specialist and/or primary care physician in order to obtain a valid medical card. Such conditions include but are not limited to diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea and other sleep disorders, and certain mental health conditions. Therefore, all newly hired Bus Operators must pass a DOT physical as part of the pre-employment process requirements. Importantly, when attending the pre-employment physical appointment, you must be prepared to bring any necessary documentation to the physical appointment in order to provide evidence that certain medical conditions (if applicable) are being treated, monitored, and managed appropriately. Being prepared to provide such documentation at the pre-employment physical appointment will prevent significant delays in the pre-employment screening process. Such delays could result in the inability to complete the pre-employment process on time for the scheduled class, thus disqualifying the candidate from employment.

General Information about the Position

Position Summary: The Bus Operator’s primary responsibilities are to safely and efficiently operate his or her assigned bus on a specified route in accordance with the time schedule allotted for that route; transport passengers over specified routes to local or distant points according to time schedules; act as a “front-line” customer service representative of the company using sound judgment, communication skills, and professional knowledge to assist customers with information, resolve problems and conflicts where possible, and assure passenger safety; promptly and accurately complete all required associated reports and forms on a daily basis. Must be able to thoroughly learn and understand routes and transfer points, required fare structure, and knowledge of bus operation, as well as meet all legal requirements for commercial driving and license regulations. Must possess excellent customer service skills. Must be able to meet the physical demands of this position.

Training Pay Rate: Initial training is paid at $17.40 per hour throughout the training period (approximately 4 weeks). The specific training schedule is established upon hire and is normally completed within the month of employment. Once training is completed, your schedule is determined by the quarterly bidding process.

Training Dress Code: The training dress code includes a medium blue collared shirt, dark blue khaki pants and black closed-toed shoes, non-slip shoes. Trainees are responsible for supplying their own clothing during the training and probationary periods. A uniform allowance is available after successful completion of the probationary period.

Importantly, the training program is not training for CDL licensing. Applicants must already possess a CDL class A or B with a passenger endorsement (on the license) and no airbrake restriction in order to be considered. Training of newly hired bus operators focuses on routing, driving, safety, customer service, processes and procedures, equipment specific training (i.e., fare box and bus equipment, etc.), and other related topics.

Bus Operator Pay Rate: New hires who successfully complete VATCo’s initial training program and transition to regular employment as a part-time Bus Operator will earn $21.75 per hour. An initial 90-probationary period applies after training is completed and may be extended under certain circumstances. Completing the probationary period is required in order to be eligible for any benefits available to part-time employees.

Union Status: Following the 90-day probationary period, the bus operator is required to become a bargaining unit employee. The bus operator is required to pay related union dues after 30-days of employment.

To Be Considered

We prefer that you have current passenger experience on PVTA bus routes by the time you attend the interview appointment. Therefore, candidates who are selected for an interview will be expected to have taken at least two trips within VATCo’s service area. You can view these schedules at Discussing these current ridership experiences is an important component of the first interview. Although preferred, we do understand that extenuating circumstances might prevent you riding the bus prior to the interview.
NOTE: The cost of a one-way trip to the end of the line is $1.50. Once at the end of the line, another fare must be paid. A transfer is 0.25¢. Therefore, you might prefer to purchase a day-pass for $3.50 or a weekly pass for $15.00 when taking these trips as it would be more cost-effective. FACE MASKS MUST BE WORN WHEN RIDING THE BUS.

  1. You must bring a current CDL License. Your CDL and endorsement status must be verified before the interview takes place. If you do not have a “P” endorsement on your license and/or have an Airbrake restriction, you cannot proceed to the interview.
  2. You must bring a completed application packet to the interview. A packet will be sent to you along with the above referenced bus schedules after you make your interview appointment. Your current mailing address, phone number and license status will be confirmed when you call to make your interview appointment. All application paperwork must be completed accurately, thoroughly, and legibly to avoid delays in processing.
  3. You must bring a current motor vehicle record to the interview, including one from each state in which you resided in the past ten (10) years. All driving records must be obtained in-person from the Registry of Motor Vehicles (cost to obtain is currently $20). Your record must be dated no more than 30-days from the date of the interview in order to be considered current and must be in good standing. Please do not request your driving record from the Boston Office, since it is not necessary to have the Registrar’s signature on your record.

Helpful Tip: If you resided outside the state of Massachusetts within the past 10 years, it is advisable to obtain your out-of-state driving records (if applicable) for your files prior to being selected for an interview, since it can often take significant time to do so. Doing so will expedite MVR verification process if you are selected for an interview. Driving records from outside the state of Massachusetts can be dated more than 30-days from the interview date, as long as the date covers all the time in which you resided in that state.

  1. Based on DOT regulatory requirements, all commercial driving positions you previously held within the past two years will be subject to verification and drug/alcohol history checks.
  2. All work history, especially commercial driving experience, must be verifiable in order to be considered for this position. All work-related references must be acceptable and completed timely.
  3. Current contact information for at least three-work related references (including most recent employment) must be provided during interview process. All work-related reference checks will be conducted during the pre-employment process and must be received prior to the start of training.
  4. Your post-offer criminal background check (CORI) must not reveal any disqualifying criminal history.
  5. Candidates who are offered a position must pass a pre-employment DOT physical and drug screen. Obtaining a new DOT medical card from VATCo’s designated medical provider will be required.
  6. Successful completion of the VATCo training program is required of all Bus Operators.

NOTE: Some advanced preparation may be required prior to starting class. For example, during the pre-employment process, trainees may be issued routing guide materials to review in preparation for class training.

  1. Flexible Schedule Requirement: Current training occurs on a varied schedule Monday –Sunday, depending on a variety of factors including trainer/trainee availability, training topics and other factors. Therefore, some schedule flexibility is required during the initial training period.

Once training is completed, your specific workdays, specific days off and specific work hours are based on seniority and the result of the bidding process and are subject to change with each work bid. It is expected that you will regularly be required to work Saturdays and/or Sundays, and/or during the evenings. VATCo currently operates bus service on all holidays except Thanksgiving and Christmas. No guarantee of any specific holiday off can be made. Service is reduced when area colleges are not in session, thereby reducing the number of shifts available for part-time employees.

  1. You must obtain a DPU card if hired. The company will sponsor obtaining the DPU card if you do not already have one.
  2. You will be required to complete the self-certification process either in-person at the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles or (2) online using the RMV’s online service. Regardless of whether or not you completed this process in the past, you must do so again after you complete your pre-employment and DOT physicals and obtain a current medical card.

We welcome your application and look forward to hearing from you!

Qualified females and minorities are strongly encouraged to apply for our open positions.

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