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Pioneer Valley Transit Authority

RFP 11-004, WERITC

Start Date: 12/19/2011
End Date: 02/10/2012

The Pioneer Valley Transit Authority (PVTA), working in partnership with the City of Westfield, is seeking Proposals to obtain professional planning, architectural and engineering services to develop a Joint Development Master Plan for the Westfield Elm Street Redevelopment and Intermodal Transportation Center (WERITC) in downtown Westfield, Massachusetts. The successful and appropriate redevelopment of this site is a high priority to both entities. As such, the City and PVTA are working cooperatively and jointly to facilitate the successful completion of this Master Plan. The City and PVTA have assembled a project team that includes members of their respective staffs that will assist the consultant throughout the study process. For the purposes of this RFP, PVTA will be the procurement and contracting agent; however, the City and PVTA will have equal representation on the consultant selection team and with respect to all project decisions. The Project for which this RFP is issued will be developed on an approximately 2.8 acre parcel bounded by Elm Street, Arnold Street, Church Street and Summer Street, in downtown Westfield. The Project includes residential, commercial, transportation and non-transportation uses as described in the RFP. The Joint Development Master Plan shall evaluate and establish the financial and engineering feasibility of the Project, using market, space and use analysis, alternative redevelopment scenario evaluation and selection, and development of an operating and capital financing and implementation plan. It is anticipated that the Joint Development Master Plan will result in the issuance of a formal solicitation for a private development partner for the Project.

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