Travel Training

PVTA now offers Travel Training for seniors and people with mobility impairments who are motivated to learn how to safely and independently use the fixed route system.   

Our Travel Trainers provide personalized, one-on-one instruction which takes each trainee’s unique needs and abilities into account.  Sessions are primarily field-based and can focus on destination travel (how to get to a specific destination and back) or general orientation (how to use fixed-route buses).   Trainees select their travel destinations which typically include: work, medical appointments, schools, shopping malls, and other recreation sites.

Travel Training is self-paced and is conducted in a series of steps from initial one-on-one instruction to the gradual fading of trainer assistance leading to independent travel.  An instructor will stay with participants until they feel comfortable and confident riding the bus. 

Travel Skills:  Trainees who successfully complete one-on-one training will be able to travel to and from their destination and do the following:   

Costs:  Travel Training is provided free-of-charge except for the trainee’s bus fare while training is taking place. 

Benefits of Travel Training:

Eligibility:  Participants must-

Contact Us: For further information please contact PVTA’s  Mobility Services Coordinator at (413) 732-6248 ext. 235.