Fast Break Card

GET ON BOARD with PVTA’s new Fast Break Card

What is a Fast Break Card?
A Fast Break Card is a reusable, reloadable, smart card you can use to ride PVTA buses. PVTA currently has a 31-day pass available on the Fast Break Card.

Each time you ride, tap your Fast Break Card on the farebox target and your
pre-loaded fare will be deducted. When your pre-loaded fare gets low, just add fare onto the same card. Multiple 31-day passes can be loaded onto your Fast Break card.

You can add a 31-day pass to your Fast Break Card with either cash, credit card or a debit card with a credit card logo. Your 31 consecutive days will start once your Fast Break Card is tapped on a farebox.

Just Tap your Fast Break Card and Go!
When you board a PVTA bus, simply tap your Fast Break Card once against the farebox target to pay. Your fare will be automatically deducted from your card.

How Do I...?

Get a Fast Break Card?
Cards are available for purchase at PVTA’s ticket vending machines (TVM) located at Springfield Union Station, Holyoke Transportation Center and the Westfield Olver Transportation Pavilion, as well as PVTA’s Customer Service Offices.

Get my Reduced Fare Fast Break Card?
If you qualify for reduced fare, you can purchase your Reduced Fare Fast Break Card at PVTA’s Customer Service Offices located at Springfield Union Station and the Holyoke Transportation Center during regular office hours. If you already have a Reduced Fare Fast Break Card, you can reload it at a ticket vending machine or at a Customer Service Office.

Check Expiration Date of 31-Day Fast Break Card?
Information can be viewed on a ticket vending machine by choosing button “8”.

Replace my Fast Break Card if it is Lost or Stolen?
PVTA currently does not have a way to register Fast Break Cards and cannot replace value from cards that are lost or stolen.

How to Purchase or Reload your Fast Break Card at a Ticket Vending Machine

Step 1:
Use the buttons on the sides of the screen to select the option you want.
To purchase a 31-Day Fast Break Card press button “6” and follow the instructions on the screen.
To reload your 31-Day Fast Break Card simply tap your card on the TVM target or press button “1”.
Step 2:
Follow the instructions to complete your transaction with the selected method of payment (coins, bills, credit cards and debit cards with a credit card logo).
Step 3:
You’re finished! Take your Fast Break Card, change and receipt from the tray at the bottom of the ticket vending machine.

TVM Locations
  • Union Station:55 Frank B. Murray Street, Springfield
  • Holyoke Transportation Center:206 Maple Street, Holyoke
  • Olver Transit Pavilion:14-20 Arnold Street, Westfield

Click here to download the Fast Break Brochure.