Help to Read PVTA Maps

The PVTA is using Zoomify to display our maps. When you first view a map page, you can see the entire map (system or route map) plus a small version of the map in the lower left-hand corner.

map help

There are several different ways to view each map. You can click, hold down the mouse button and move left, right, up and down. This is useful to refine your specific view of the map.

You can, also, click on the blue box in the lower left hand corner, to make larger movements across the map. For example, viewing the system map, you can move from a view of Amherst to a view of Springfield by dragging the blue box from the Amherst to the Springfield areas.

Another method of moving the view each map is to use the tool bar. You can use the zoom slide rule to enlarge and navigate using the arrow buttons. The reset button on the toolbar will allow for a reset to the inital view of the map.