Alert Messages & Temporary Route Detours

Tuesday, February 28, 2017 - 12:17 am

Active Alerts

B17 : Eastfield Mall via Worthington-Wilbraham Rd-Parker

B17-due to a water main break on Wilbraham Rd and Alden, the B17 inbound will be taking a left on Alden St, Right on Roosevelt Ave, and left on Wilbraham Rd regular route missing stops on Wilbraham Rd between Benton St and Alden St.

38 : MHC / HC / AC / UM
39 : SC / HC / MHC

Routes 38 and 39 have resumed service to Blanchard Hall, however the scheduled Mount Holyoke College departure will continue to be from Mary Wooley Hall.

Temporary Route Changes

35 : Campus Shuttle Southbound

The printed Route 35 schedules mistakenly show weekend/holiday service as starting at 5:03 pm. The buses actually start at 11:03 am. The online schedule is correct; see Rt 35 schedule

R41 : Northampton/Easthampton/HCC
R42 : Northampton/Williamsburg
B48 : Northampton/ Veterans Park/ HolyokeMall

The Northampton Lodging bus stop is relocated 100-feet Southbound due to construction and sidewalk closures at the current Northampton Lodging facility. This relocation is expected to last at least 1 year. The bus stop sign is relocated to the new location.


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