Our Environment

Protecting the environment and reducing oil dependence is as easy as riding the PVTA, come ride with us!

Did you know each year, public transportation saves 1.4 billion gallons of gasoline? That’s the equivalent of 34 supertankers of oil or a supertanker leaving the Middle East every 11 days.        

If one in ten Americans used public transportation regularly, the U.S. reliance on foreign oil could be cut by more than 40%, which translates to the amount of oil we import from Saudi Arabia each year.

Our car-centered transportation system has led to pollution and poor air quality. Emissions from road vehicles are the largest contributors to smog.

The PVTA and all public transportation systems provide significant environmental benefits by reducing smog producing pollutants and greenhouse gases.

One-fourth of today’s 75+ age group does not drive. Public transportation is a lifeline for older adults.

The National Safety Council estimates that riding the bus is over 170 times safer than automobile travel.

For every passenger mile traveled, public transportation is twice as fuel efficient as private automobiles.

Public transportation use lowers household expenses and frees up more income for other needs.

Note: Information was adapted from the American Public Transportation Associations "Facts on Public Transportation". More Public Transportation Benefit Information can be found at APTA.com

At the PVTA we:

Recycle scrap metals

Recycle/reuse vehicle coolant

Use high efficiency CNG heating system for shop and offices

Recycle water in the self-contained bus washer

Collect and recycle used oil

Use Hybrid vehicles for supervisors

Institute an aggressive anti-idling program

Use energy efficient lighting indoors and out