PVTA Drug-Free Workplace Policy

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The Drug Free Workplace Act requires certain agencies to take specific and affirmative steps to ensure a drug free workplace. The Pioneer Valley Transit Authority continuously strives to comply with the requirements of this Act. PVTA's policy regarding the work-related effects of drug use and the unlawful possession of controlled substances on PVTA property or in PVTA vehicles, requires that employees report to work on time, and in appropriate mental and physical condition for work. It is our intent and obligation to provide a drug free, healthful, safe and secure work environment, and to minimize risks to our employees and to the public. Therefore, employees are prohibited from the following when reporting to work, while on the job, on PVTA or customer premises or surrounding areas, or in any PVTA vehicle or personal vehicle used for company business:

  • the unlawful use, possession, transportation, manufacture, sale, or other distribution of an illegal or controlled substance or drug paraphernalia
  • the unauthorized use, possession, transportation, manufacture, sale or other distribution of alcohol
  • being under the influence of alcohol or having a detectable amount of an illegal or controlled substance in the blood or urine

Note: The term "controlled substance," as used in this policy, means a drug or other substance as defined in applicable federal laws on drug abuse prevention.

Any employee who violates any of these prohibitions will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination. Use of alcohol or other drugs before, during or after work may affect you performance on the job. Poor job performance, regardless of the cause, may lead to discipline, and ultimately, termination. Any employee convicted under any criminal drug statute for a violation occurring while on the job, on PVTA or customer premises, or in any PVTA vehicle must notify his/her manager, or PVTA's Human Resources Department no later than five days after such conviction.

PVTA recognizes that employees suffering from alcoholism and controlled substance dependence can often be successfully treated. PVTA encourages any employee with an alcohol or controlled substance dependency problem to voluntarily enter a controlled substance or alcohol rehabilitation program prior to any violation of this policy, and offers assistance through the Employee Assistance Program. However, where a violation of this policy has occurred, an employee's subsequent request to submit to a controlled substance or alcohol rehabilitation program will not prevent PVTA from taking appropriate disciplinary action.

All suppliers doing business with the Pioneer Valley Transit Authority are expected to develop and implement their own policies that are in compliance with this policy.

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