Business Information

Business Information

Vendor Information - PVTA contracts using federal or state funds have been and shall continue to be solicited through a public procurement. Vendors are encouraged to frequently view PVTA’s website for all open procurements. Please carefully follow the instructions within the documents. 

Sealed Bids, Proposals, and Quotes have due dates, places, and times. Each shall be reviewed only if received on or before the deadline and at the correct location. Only Sealed Bids, usually procured for construction projects, shall be publically opened, located at PVTA Administration Building, 2808 Main Street, Springfield, Massachusetts, on the third floor.

All documents are due at the specified time, date, and location. It is the vendor’s responsibility to submit the documents on time, to the correct location, and in the correct format, regardless of inclement weather, electrical power disruption, computer malfunction, limited parking at PVTA, Courier Company’s failure to deliver, etc. 

All IFBs, RFPs, RFQs, and RFIs, and any addenda, are located on the website under Opportunities. If the procurement is still open, vendors can open and print the documents. 

PVTA looks forward to receiving your submission to the procurement, and best of luck!

Recent Contracts with PVTA:

  • IFB 15-005 Northampton Operations Facility Parking Lot Reconstruction
  • RFP15-003 Roof Design and Construction Administration Services for Springfield and Northampton Bus Maintenance Facilities
  • RFP15-002 Bus Rapid Transit Alternatives Analysis Study
  • Sale of Used Vans
  • RFP15-001 Land Acquisition and Relocation Services Westfield Transit Pavilion
  • IFB14-007 Building Demolition & Hazardous Materials Abatement
  • Sale of Used Ford Explorers
  • RFP14-008 Assessment, Design, and Construction Administration Services
  • RFP14-006 Paratransit Service Analysis Study
  • RFP14-005 Fully Accessible Van and Minibus Vehicle Procurement
  • RFP14-003 Single Audit Services
  • IFB14-002 Springfield New Bus Wash System
  • IFB14-001 Northampton Maintenance Facility Improvements