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The Pioneer Valley Transit Authority (PVTA) has identified the State Street corridor as a prime opportunity to introduce Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) as a new transit service for the Springfield region.  The 7.1 mile corridor is a major east-west connector in the City and one of the most heavily traveled bus routes in the PVTA system, with more than 5,000 riders a day.  A recent comprehensive study proposed developing a BRT route along this corridor. This route would be the first such service (outside of the Metro Boston area) in Massachusetts and will provide increased service frequency, shorter travel times, improved stop amenities and new economic development opportunities. 

What is BRT?

BRT is a cost-effective approach to transit service that cities around the world have used which blends the positive features of rail transit with the flexibility of bus transit to make riding the bus a higher-end transit service alternative.  BRT improves speed, reliability, and passenger comfort and convenience.  It has user friendly features: faster service and fare collection; exclusive bus lanes; stations as opposed to bus stops; unique branding and passenger information.

Dedicated Right-of-Way


Off-Board Fare Collection

Intersection Treatments

Platform-Level Boarding

Purpose of the State Street Bus Rapid Transit Project

The State Street Bus Rapid Transit project begins with a feasibility study and alternatives analysis to determine the best options for implementing a bus rapid transit system in the corridor. This includes a traffic impact, bus operations, and environmental analysis, as well as assessing ridership and economic development impacts. The project goals are to:

  • Provide an attractive, unique, and cost effective transit service to Downtown Springfield, State Street and the Boston Road corridor and key connecting points;
  • Provide enhanced station areas that will support economic development goals established by the City of Springfield and the state;
  • Integrate with the high-use local transit service PVTA provides to improve overall transit  operations
  • Increase the number of buses on the route to improve reliability and frequency
  • Connect customers and employees to key destinations along the busy State Street/Boston Road corridor; and
  • Set the standard for future BRT corridors in the PVTA service area and beyond

Additional Information

Next Steps

Over the coming months, PVTA will host neighborhood and public forums to share information on Bus Rapid Transit systems, as well as gather essential information and learn from you how BRT can improve transportation for everyone in the State Street corridor.

Click here to view the June 23, 2015 Open House Presentation.

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